- only minutes away from Taba and Nuweiba -

Natural, spring-like pond on the edge of a rocky cliff.
Japanese Koi pond, cascades, and waterfalls abound throughout the castle area.
Bar at Castle Zaman  Taba
Peaceful area designed for outdoor massage.
Rustic yet luxurious restaurant space with a large seating area decorated with inviting and artistic wooden furnishings.
Fully equipped kitchen that can cater to parties and banquets.
Spacious and relaxing bar connecting to the restaurant space, and overlooking the Red Sea.
Large side balconies that can provide any additional seating.
State of the art sound system and make-shift dance floor.
Glassed framed fireplace that can be viewed from both the bar and terrace.
Breathtaking views from anywhere the eye can see.
An underground, dungeon-like tunnel leading the treasure room "gift shop".
Staff housing and storage facilities.
Multiple showers complete with changing-room facilities.
luxurious fireplace at Castle Zaman Taba

breathtaking views  from Castle Zaman

traditional Sinai flavor at Castle Zaman

Yoga Platform

90 sqm wooden yoga platform.
panoramic views.
plasma screen and sound system.

The Castle Zaman is decorated with adherence to the local aesthetic, and offers the visitor a taste of Sinai’s traditional flavor within a private and indulgent setting.