Castle Zaman perched atop a cliff overlooking the Gulf of Aqaba

Strict adherence has been given to ancient construction techniques, which were revived specifically for the project. 

environmental awarenes at Castle Zaman TabaEvery single stone has been handpicked from nearby mountains. 

Neither metal nor concrete were used in the castle’s construction.  To maintain authenticity, and to accord with historically accurate architectural design, only local materials were used in the construction.

A true architectural achievement, the castle revives ancient techniques of building stone vaults and cross vaults.

Environmental Awareness

Special attention has also been given to make the project eco-friendly.

Reclaimed wood has been used in all construction and furniture.

Castle Zaman, eco-friendly designed Chandeliers and lighting fixtures are all handcrafted from recycled glass bottles, and works of local pottery are also used to highlight the fine detailing of the castle.

Special Features

An underground treasure room has been excavated from beneath the castle.  Here you can experience the marvel of an ancient party trick.  Midday on April 22, August 20, December 31, and January 1, a sunbeamlocal material was used at Castle Zaman Taba passes directly through a hole, and subsequently through a glass lens, to magically light a candle in the darkness of the dungeon.  This striking, Abu Simbel-like shrine has been constructed to evoke images of pharonic times. 

Castle Zaman is the first and only castle in the Sinai to fuse elements of comfort and elegance.  The warmth and cozy nature of its interior is balanced harmoniously with the strong, mountain-like exterior.  Here, one can experience a blend of luxury and history in a way that pays tribute to the natural beauty of the region.