FAQ'S (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Do you offer accommodation?
A. Castle Zaman is a food and beverage facility (Restaurant, bar and Treasure Dungeon). We do not offer any accommodation.

Q. What is the Treasure Dungeon?
A. Our Treasure Dungeon is one of the Castle's many interesting features, located beneath the main building with handmade products and crafts from different areas of
Egypt. The items represent the Egyptian/Bedouin culture and you will not find them in tourist gift shops.

Q. What type of cuisine do you serve?
A. Castle Zaman is a slow food restaurant, and the best way to describe our food is “Castle Cuisine” It is a collaboration of lavish local cuisine and ancient methods of food preparation.

Q. Do you offer vegetarian dishes? And can you accommodate people with food allergies?
A. Castle Zaman specializes in meat and seafood dishes, although we can make special provisions for people with food allergies. However we do offer a vegetarian alternative dish. Those with allergies should discuss their dinner choices ahead

Q. What does Slow Food Mean?
A. “Slow Food” means that our dishes are cooked on low temperatures for long periods of time, making our food tender and full of flavor. It does take time for this to be achieved. We require three and a half hours to prepare all of our meat dishes (lamb, beef, veal and turkey); also, beef requires three people eating. One and a half hours for seafood and one hour for fish. If you would like lunch/dinner at a specific time just call ahead and the food will be ready to serve at the time you requested. Or spend this time enjoying our bar, pool or have a massage*, plus you can always take a walk on our private beach (you will need to bring your own snorkeling/diving equipment).

Q. Do you offer transportation?
A. Not at the moment

Q. Do you accept Credit Cards?
A Yes, we do accept Visa and MasterCard.

Q. Can a Car/Bus drive all the way up to the Castle?
A. Yes, the road goes all the way up to the Castle.

Q. Does Castle Zaman have an Internet connection?
A. Not at the moment

Q. Do you allow children at the Castle? 

A. Castle Zaman is not child friendly, 16 is the min age for admission.

Q. What time do you open?
A. Castle Zaman opens daily at 12am, 365 days a year.

Q. Do you charge an entrance fee?
A. 40eu/p including dinner. 600-700 le/p is a discounted rate for Egyptians and foreign residents

Q. Can we come in only to take pictures and look around?
A. Yes, after paying your entrance charge.

Q:Can we book by phone?

A:No, only online via : orders.castlezaman.com

Unpaid reservation will not be honoured 

 If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask. Forward all of your questions to info@castlezaman.com or call  002-0128 2140 591

Hope to see you soon

The Castle Management