East of the Sinai Peninsula, overlooking the Gulf of Aqaba, this impressive monument commands a dramatic,
                mountainous view of four countries: Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. Zaman Castle is centrally located 40km
                south of Eilat, Israel, and only 50km away from Naqb airport in Taba. The exact site signifies a landmark on the
                ancient road connecting St. Catherine's Monastery with Jerusalem.

Castle Zaman overlooking the Red Sea

         Distances from:
  Cairo 420 km
  Sharm el Sheikh 180 km
  Dahab 100 km
  St. Catherine 150 km
  Nuweiba 25 km
  Tarabin 23 km
  Ras shattan 12 km
  Basata 2 km
  Aqua sun 0.5 km
  Taba heights 18 km
  Tobya inn 35 km
  Taba 40 km
  Ilat 40 km

Location of Castle Zaman on Sinai map