Slow Food Cooking / Entertainment

Castle Zaman features the only "Slow Castle Food" restaurant in the Middle East.

- only minutes away from Taba and Nuweiba -Dine like a Pharaoh at Castle Zaman  Taba

The Castle platters are fit for a Pharaoh. Using ancient Egyptian recipes
meat, fish and seafood are roasted to perfection accompanied by an assortment of fresh vegetables, spices, dates and figs.
Cutlery is optional and finger licking is encouraged. Royal portions of meats, turkey and fish are prepared in the original Egyptian earthenware, roasted at
low temperature for long periods of time guaranteeing a tender juicy feast that only a king would expect.

Take a half-day excursion and take advantage of our beautiful natural-pool bar overlooking the Red Sea and hills of Saudi Arabia

For meal order, reservations and transportation details please call: 002/
(+2) 0128 2140 591.

Treasure Room & Activities

Pottery at the Treasure Room at Castle Zaman  Taba

Open the Castle Zaman treasure dungeon - and excavate our hand made original Egyptian art-craft.

Precious Stones at the Treasure Room at Castle Zaman  TabaPharaonic Jewlery at the Treasure Room at Castle Zaman  Taba

The Treasure Room at Castle Zaman  Taba

Watch the magical view of the red mountains at sun set.
Swim at night at our natural-pool like swimming pool and experience our fresh juice at the Castle Bar

The castle is not child-friendly. High heels are not recommended. No life guard available. Castle management has the right to refrain from serving alcohol when they see fit.